ÖMS Heimsieg für mU19!

Basket Flames – VKL Vikings 78 : 68 (28:16[28:16], 43:38[15:22]; 59:53[16:15], 78:68[19:15])

The second win for the Flames in the ÖMS against the VKL Vikings was a battle for the Flames until the last quarter. The Flames started the game with good defense and very good offense. They were leading after the first quarter 28:16. VKL finally found some rhythm in their offense and by the end of the second quarter cut the lead of the Flames down to 2 points (40:38) . The second half, the game went like the first half, a short run from the Flames and then a run from VKL to keep the game close. At the end of the third quarter the score was 59:53 . In the 4th the Flames found their good rhythm from the first quarter and won (78:68).

Scorer Basket Flames: Wonisch 21, Lukijanovic M. 17, Walter 16, Gagic 10, Stepan G. 6, Wrumnig 3, Dukic-Wolfensson 3, Schlesinger 2, Azmann, Rosic, Petrovic, Simic.

Scorer: VKL Vikings: Tepic O. 17, Blagojevic M. 10, Waser 10, Ajkunic 8, Tepic G. 7, Jakupovic 7, Blagojevic S. 6, Sonntagbauer 2, Gasiorek 1, Wozniakowski, Schmid, Eckert.

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